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Melrose Pet Grooming provides Dog and Cat Grooming in West Hollywood with over 20 years of experience.

We only use natural shampoo and conditioner. All grooming services include flea bath, anal gland expression, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, rinse and fluff, skin conditioner and more!

Our professional groomer will take care of your pet head to tail, start to finish with the high-quality service. 


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Dog Grooming

DOG GROOMING flea bath, anal gland expression, teeth cleaning, nail clipping and more!


Melrose Pet Grooming is a  perfect place for your fluffy friend. We are known as the best pet grooming in West Hollywood.

We only use nature shampoo and full-service grooming includes flea bath, nail clipping, teeth cleaning, anal gland expression, wash and rinse!

Our expert groomer has 20 years of experience. Just come in and we'll know everything you need for your dog.

Any specialized trimming and cuts are available. 

CAT GROOMING  teeth cleaning, nail clipping, lion cut and more!


Cat grooming is about more than the physical appearance of your cat—even though that will definitely improve after a trip to Melrose Pet Grooming!


Cat grooming is also incredibly important for your cat’s health, especially when they’re young. Kittens are particularly susceptible to shedding, hairballs, and matting while their coats are maturing, which is why our experts take the time to bath, comb, and condition your kitten’s fur.


We use natural shampoos and conditioners for your cat to maintain and improve the smoothness of the fur, as well as keeping them flea-free. Regular grooming will keep vet bills down and ensure a happier, healthier pet and home.

Cat Grooming
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