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Melrose Pet Grooming provides both dog grooming and cat grooming in West Hollywood for all your furry friends. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on us as your pet grooming specialists. From the moment you enter our store, you’ll see happy pets being groomed, washed, and fluffed with the level of care you’d expect. Our expertise and high-quality service have earned us our glowing reputation throughout Los Angeles. You are always welcome to stay and watch while we gently and carefully groom your pet with the same amount of love we give our own furry friends. No matter what size, shape, color, or breed, we can provide your best friend with grooming that shows how much you care for them.

Our Services Include:

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Melrose Pet Grooming knows how tedious and frustrating dog grooming can be. Not all pups love to be washed down in the kiddy pool out back, and no one loves the wet dog smell that comes with it. That’s why the experts at Melrose Pet Grooming take the burden off you. Our dog grooming services are some of the best in the business.

Dog Grooming Services
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Melrose Pet Grooming has some of the finest cat and kitten grooming in town. Our professional and compassionate staff knows how to calm even the toughest kitty. We do not sedate or muzzle any cat. We work with each cat on an individual basis to eliminate stress. Cat grooming is not only important in terms of the physical appearance of your cat, but also for its health.

Cat Grooming Services
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A Groomer You Can Trust

You wouldn’t trust just anyone to look after your pup while you’re away, so why leave grooming to anyone other than the experts? Melrose Pet Grooming provides a groomer that understands the intricacies of the breed of your animal—such as their fur and skin needs—and any other preferences you may have for how you want your pet to look. Whether you’re in a rush and just need a quick rinse and nail cut or need to drop your pet off for the day, Melrose Pet Grooming provides both a quick turnaround and free day care for your convenience.

If you need more than just day-to-day grooming, Melrose Pet Grooming also has experience preparing dogs for competitive shows. Even if you’re heading out the next day and need the perfect cut for your Pekingese, Melrose Pet Grooming has a room of professionals that can make your pooch look its best. Each of our groomers are professionally trained and sensitive to specific grooming requests. We are well-versed in the industry standards for each breed so that you can be sure your pet will impress.

Melrose Pet Grooming is also happy to offer all-natural products, so that your pet isn’t being exposed to harmful chemicals that can irritate their skin. Come into our salon today or get in touch to book an appointment. You and your furry friend with both love the results.

Flea Bath Included in Price
Nail Trim Included in Price
Skin Conditioner Included in Price
Teeth Cleaning Included in Price