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Dog Grooming for Your Best Friend in West Hollywood

Melrose Pet Grooming in West Hollywood knows how tedious and frustrating dog grooming can be. Not all pups love to be washed down in the kiddy pool out back, and no one loves the wet dog smell that comes with it. That’s why the experts at Melrose Pet Grooming take the burden off you. Our dog grooming services are some of the best in the business. We keep an updated record for each pet that we groom, meaning we know before you come in if it’s time for a full-service grooming session or just a wash and nail trim.

We also offer specialized services for pups competing in dog shows, such as cut and trims that follow AKC breed cuts so that your best friend can win best in show. Specialized trimming like this is even great for non-competing dogs, especially if their fur easily mats, tangles, or sheds.

Wondering Why Your Dog Needs Expert Grooming?

Dogs require bathing every other week up to every other month depending on the type of dog. Even if your pup only needs bathing once a month, it’s recommended that you use shampoos that are aloe-based (like the ones we carry and use) to help maintain the coat’s oil and skin health.

Dogs need to have their toenails cut every 2-3 weeks. Allowing the toenails to grow too long will allow the nerve on the toenails to grow as well, which can make it more painful for your pooch to keep them at a healthy length.

A dog’s ears may harbor mites or bacteria, and other forms of health problems. That’s why we offer specialized ear cleaning that prevents any harmful hiding creatures!

Puppy Grooming Specialists

Keep your new dog clean and pretty with the puppy grooming specialists here at Melrose Pet Grooming. As dog experts for all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds, we’ll take the utmost care with your young pup, showing them the love that we show our own pets. As a puppy owner, you probably know that young dogs can be the messiest and hardest to clean—so leave the grooming to the experts. Contact Melrose Pet Grooming today to set up an appointment or drop by before noon for an appointment-free grooming session or nail trim.