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Why We’re the Best Dog Groomer for You in West Hollywood

We here at Melrose Pet Grooming in West Hollywood know that taking your dog out into the backyard with a hose may seem like the simplest way to give them a wash—and that’s why we’ve made our process even simpler. You’re always welcome to walk in before noon for an appointment-free grooming, and nail trimming and teeth cleaning are included with every session. Whether you’re the owner of an award-winning Afghan or aren’t sure where your perfect lil’ mutt came from, we’re here to show your animal all the love and care you know they deserve.

More of a cat person? We’ve got you covered there too. Even if your kitty isn’t the biggest fan of water, our trained and specialized groomers know how to keep your pet at ease the entire time. We’re never behind any walls when we groom your pet, so you can watch us make your animal look their best with utmost care.

Natural Flea Bath for Dogs and Cats

As a pet owner, you know how quickly fleas can turn from a tiny nuisance to a full-blown nightmare. That’s why Melrose Pet Grooming offers natural flea baths for dogs and cats with every grooming. These flea dips help to ensure that your pet never catches the bug, which means they stay out of your home and out of your life. Our natural products won’t irritate your animal’s skin or cause any allergic reactions for you or your family, so everyone from you to your kids can give your pet plenty of love. Regular grooming with the Melrose Pet Grooming experts can even reduce allergic reactions from pets or help with pet’s allergic reactions. Do what’s best for your pet and bring them in to Melrose Pet Grooming today or contact us to set up an appointment.

Every Grooming Includes:

  • Natural Flea Bath
  • Nail Cut
  • Skin Conditioner
  • Teeth Cleaning